Global Proof System

Global Proof System – an innovative decentralized system of confirming the authenticity of products in the luxury segment using blockchain technologies.


The Global Proof System consists of an application on mobile phone (for clients and sellers in stores) and integrated software for manufacturers. To verify the authenticity of products, one of three tokens will be used at the customer’s choice: GT (GateChain), BNB (Binance Smart Chain) or GPS (our native token on Binance Smart Chain).

Each unit of luxury products in production is assigned a wallet address, to which a transaction is made in the GateChain or Binance Smart Chain network from 1 main address of the manufacturer and tokens (GT, BNB or GPS) are transferred at the time of making a purchase of a luxury item and the transaction hash of operation is encoded into a QR code, which is attached as a tag to the products.

To verify the authenticity of the products, the buyer on his phone through a special application (GlobalProofSystem app) scans the QR code, the application reads the hash of the transaction in the blockchain and checks the following parameters:
1) The sender’s address.
If the product is original, it must match the address of the manufacturer’s factory, otherwise the product is counterfeit.
2) The presence of tokens (GT, BSC or GPS) on the wallet.
If the luxury product is new, then there will be tokens on the wallet, otherwise it means that the product was previously sold (since the token has already been sent back to the wallet of the product manufacturer by seller atthe time of selling).

Software solutions

The Global Proof System consists of an application on the mobile phone (for the clients and the seller in the store) and integrated software for manufacturers that creates wallets and sends tokens to them. The system will work in the environment of existing blockchains: GateChain or Binance Smart Chain at the choice of the manufacturer.


Software for the manufacturer, creating crypto wallets for each product unit, sending a token and encoding the transaction hash into a QR code.

GlobalProofSystem app

Free mobile app for buyers to verify products for authenticity. it is available in the «App Store», «Google Play Market», «360 market» and «91 HiAPK».

The system for checking and confirming the authenticity of luxury brands through the use of blockchain technologies cannot be counterfeited, the system will get rid of counterfeit products once and for all.