The Global Proof System can be used not only to confirm the authenticity of products in the luxury segment of brands, but in any other business sector where the problem of counterfeiting occurs and where it is economically feasible (since the system will have to increase the cost of the product for the end customer by 1 USD (transaction fees in blockchain). For example: alcoholic beverages, toys, medicines, jewelry, etc.

Q2-Q3 2022 Research and idea validation.
Q3 2022 Team of professionals with experience from different business sectors was assembled.
Q3 2022 The scheme, principles and basic mechanics of the Global Proof System were developed.
Q4 2022 The GPS token was issued in the amount of (GPS) based on Binance Smart Chain, which will be used in the operation of the system.
Q1 2023 ICO and listing to receive funds for further development of the Global Proof System and promotion of the system among manufacturers of luxury products.
Q2-Q3 2023 Application development stage.
Q3-Q4 2023 Promotional programs, advertising in specialized catalogs and forums, participation in the largest exhibitions on luxury products.
Q4 2022 Connecting first manufacturing companies to the system.
2024 Further promotion and implementation of Global Proof System, the use of the system not only in the luxury segment of brands, but also in other business areas where confirmation of the authenticity of products is required (alcoholic beverages, toys, medicines, jewelry, etc.).

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